You have two options:

1) if you have subscribed to the WAIL Mailing List, send an email to wail (at) arigenova.it

2) if you're not registered to the Mailing List, please contact the Manager. He will inform all users and remove the announcement from the website.

NO via e-mail anymore!

We have generated an automated process (using this form) that allows you to:

1) credit the reference to all participants

2) send us log, pictures, QSL card and a YouTube link to your video

3) receive the Certificate of Attendance in your mailbox

No problem, email the Manager with all the information to be amended.

No, we don't, sorry.
Interacting with other lighthouse Awards is really tricky; moreover, there is a lack of harmonization in rules, such as the chance to activate a reference from / MM (allowed in WAIL, banned in other Awards).

If you wish to validate an activation for other international Awards, these are their websites:

- ARLHS: poor and difficult accessibility from here;

- WLOTA: Award page and Rules


It depends.

The 20m band is always mandatory in HF activations (0-30MHz), regardless of the emission mode.

It is not mandatory for activations in 50MHz, VHF and UHF.


Before June 1st, 2013 there was a different list of references, so you have the right to claim those QSOs or QSLs.
Apply for their accreditation via this form

Remember: the lighthouse had to be in the previous list of references. If you're not sure, contact the Manager.

There are two possible scenarios:

1) A special/Club callsign was used during the activation.

You must have made at least the expected number of QSOs (50 QSOs in HF; 15 QSOs in 50MHz-VHF; 5 QSOs in UHF). Fill in the form with data of all the participants and the credit will be automatically extended to all.

2) You HAVE NOT used a special/Club callsign.

In this case, the first operator must do the expected number of QSOs (50 QSO in HF; 15 QSOs in 50MHz-VHF; 5 QSOs in UHF). All the other operators have to do at least 30 QSOs, using their callsings regardess of the band. EACH operator must fill in the validation form independently.

Yes, true but ...

We always trust in the Team sensitivity in doing as many QSOs as possible and not to limit to the minimal amount. This is particularly true with New-One or Most Wanted references.

NEVER two references simultaneously!

In case of New-One references, no more than two in a day.

In all other cases (Most Wanted, frequently activated reference), there are no limits.

Mind that doing several activations in a day, some OM/YL/SWL could lose a substantial number of references in one shot.

Exceptionally, the number of activations in a day can be higher than ruled; in any case, we evaluate the request from time to time and the Manager’s decision is unquestionable.

Sure, but at your own risk !

Always respect the nautical and HAM Radio international rules.

Remember that other international lighthouse Awards (i.e., ARLHS, WLOTA) could not accept the activation in / MM.


The Italian nautical signaling system has different classifications and functions. A very accurate list is available at the Italian Navy website.

The WAIL Award considers as valid:

1) all the signaling systems known as "faro" ("lighthouse");
2) the "fanali" ("lights") with a nominal optical range of at least 10 nautical miles and possessing a historical, cultural and architectural background.

If you do not find the lighthouse of your interest, most likely it does not possess one of the criteria above.

If you think that the optical signaling meets at least one of the two criteria above, please contact the Manager attaching as much information as possible.

A PDF file is available from the References page.

All your references are recorded in the online log. Select the Activator or Hunter page to start your search.

You can also make a combined and complete search selecting the Generic search page.


Sure, we are looking forward to this !
It is free and ANYONE can contribute with an article. There is no limit of space and provide us as many pictures as you wish.

Of course!
We will publish it on the QSL gallery page.
Please, contact the Manager.


If you have got the minimum number of references to request an award, you can download your electronic (PDF format) copy of it free of charge. Click on the Activator or Hunter page.

If you also want to get the paper award (€ 10 or $15 as fee), fill in this form. You will be then contacted by the Award Manager.

Lighthouses belong to the Italian Navy, so they are in restricted areas and you are subjected to an authorization to let in.

Usually, there are no issues and the Italian Navy is happy to let you in; however, the release of an authorization depends on many factors and may be denied.

Requests for authorizations shall be submitted to the appropriate Comandi Zona Fari (Headquearters), located in the following places:

- La Spezia (Liguria and Toscana)
  Viale Italia 2 - CAP 19121
  Tel: 0187785665 ; Fax: 0187785579

- Naples (Lazio and Campania)
  Via Ammiraglio Acton 1 - CAP 80133
  Tel: 0812491030 ; Fax: 0812491330

- Taranto (Abruzzo, Molise, Puglia, Basilicata and Calabria)
  Banchina Torpediniere Arsenale M.M. - CAP 74100
  Tel: 0997753782 ; Fax: 0997753055

- Venice (Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Veneto, Emilia-Romagna and Marche)
  Via Castello 2 - CAP 30122
  Tel: 0412441669 ; Fax: 0412441462

- Messina (Sicilia)
  Via San Raineri Zona Falcata M.M. - CAP 98122
  Tel/fax: 0906400664

- La Maddalena (Sardegna)
  Piazza Faravelli interno Arsenale M.M. - CAP 07024
  Tel/fax: 0789799314

Unfortunately sometimes happens that an Activator does not validate an activation. This greatly penalizes Hunters who cannot have a higher score in the ranking.

The common sense suggests two possibilities:

1) contact the Activator to kindly "push" him/her to upload the log. All Hunters will benefit of this;
2) get a QSL card (eQSL, LoTW, paper ...) to credit the reference. This works for a single Hunter only.

The Certificate of Attendance is automatically printed out by our server and sent to the provided email address.
Some providers (usually Gmail) don't like our mail format and they usually take much longer delivery time (on average, up to one day).
Check you spam folder or wait for 24 hours; once elapsed this time you still have not received anything, please contact the Manager and we will send you a new copy of the Certificate.

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YES, absolutely! Email the Manager who will reply to you as soon as possible.

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