WAIL - Worked All Italian Lighthouses


Updated to 1st Jan 2020

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1) The WAIL Award (Worked All Italian Lighthouses) has been managed and issued by ARI Genova Club since 1st June 2013, and previously managed by ARI Nizza Monferrato Club. The Award is established to promote the Italian lighthouse heritage and to support portable ham radio activities.

2) To pursue the Award, the official lighthouse directory is available from the Award Manager and from the References page. The lighthouse directory is mainly based on information published by the Italian Navy. They are typically:
a) all active lighthouses ("fari");
b) all inactive lighthouses (monumental lighthouse);
c) those active headlights ("fanali") which possess optical range of at least 10 nautical miles and historical-cultural-architectural relevance;
d) those active lighthouses or headlights which possess historical-cultural-architectural relevance and are placed next to italian lakes and rivers;
e) those active votive (memorial) lighthouses or headlights which possess historical-cultural-architectural relevance and are placed on summits of hills or mountains.
Any addition or deletion of a reference, also proposed by activators, will be evaluated by the Award Manager only. The final decision is unquestionable.

3) References deleted from former directories but confirmed via QSL/Adif log prior to May 31st 2013 will be considered as valid for pursuing the Award.

4) The basic Hunter Award will be issued:
a) to any Italian, European and Mediterranean Countries OM/YL/SWL who is able to confirm at least 30 Italian lighthouses references;
b) to any other foreign OM/YL/SWL who is able to confirm at least 10 Italian lighthouses references.

5) The basic Activator Award will be issued to any OM/YL who is able to validate at least 5 Italian lighthouses activations.

6) Endorsements ("Steps") and "Honor Roll" are envisaged both for Hunters and Activators. They consist of special awards issued following the scheme below:



(EU & Mediterranean Countries)







First Step




Second Step




Third Step




Fourth Step




Honor Roll



7) Awards are free of charge and available as pdf files only. They are downloadable from Activators' e-Awards or Hunters' e-Awards from the "Awards" menu. No QSL verification is required to Hunters, as QSOs will be proved electronically. SWLs will be asked for sending a copy of their logbook as ADIF or Excel file or, when necessary, QSL cards.

Furthermore, at the end of each year, prizes will be delivered (with appointment and contribution to be defined) for those who will access the last step of the "Honor Roll" diploma both for the Hunter category and for the Activators category.

8) Supporters of WAIL Award are allowed to insert our logo on their personal QSL cards. The logo is downloadable from the Links page and it is available in high resolution.


Updated to 20th October 2021

a) Activators must communicate at least 2 days before, the information on their activations (lighthouse reference, callsign, date, QSL manager, any further relevant information) to the Award Manager. Information will be automatically added to the upcoming italian lighthouse activations page and sent to all the Mailing List users.

b) Operations must meet the following criteria to be validated:
• Operations are allowed up to a distance of 1000m (1090 yards) from the lighthouse (operations in maritime mobile are also allowed). Higher distances can be previously authorized by the Award Manager only;
• QSOs are allowed in any band (from 0.7 to 160m) and emission mode (SSB, CW, RTTY, SSTV, digital modes, etc.), just respecting the Band Plan. QSOs via repeaters and cross band are forbidden in any case.
• The minimal number of QSOs per lighthouse in each band is:


50MHz / VHF


at least 50 QSOs

at least 16 QSOs

at least 6 QSOs

• The overall activation time must take at least 1,5 hours (new-one) or 1 hour for reactivations;
• In HF activations, it is mandatory to change band at least once throughout the operations;
• Log must be registered electronically, i.e. as ADI/ADIF file extension only;

• It is necessary to send at least two photographs that portray the activator near the lighthouse, checking that the smartphone location is active during shooting. For Android devices, the use of the "Radio Diplomas" app is recommended. Pictures must be exclusively in .jpg file extension and max 10 MB in size. Pictures will be automatically published on WAIL photo gallery.

c) Activators must send a copy of their log file in ADIF format and pictures to the Award Manager.

d) Within the same day and in case of an activation with more than one operator, the lighthouse will be credited to the first operator been on the air, following criteria described in bullet b). If other group members wished the extension of the reference, each operator must log at least 30 additional QSOs, using his/her personal callsign and without any limitation of band. Each operator will independently send log and pictures as reported in bullet c).
• In case of an activation using special or Club callsigns with the collaboration of one or more operators (Team), the reference will be always credited to all members. The log file in ADIF format will be only submitted by the special callsign owner.

e)Effective June 1, 2015, all Activators are credited with the reference also for the purposes of the Hunter ranking for the "Total ranking". Only the annual activator point will be credited instead as regards the "annual rankings".

f) Simultaneous activations of two lighthouses is not allowed, as well as activations of more than two New-Ones per day using the same callsign, unless authorized by the Award Manager.

g) The Award Manager might reserve the rights of checking QSOs by means of any electronic system. E-mail contacts between the Award Manager and hunters are part of the validation process, as well. If a relevant number of QSOs are not confirmed by hunters, the Award Manager might declare the activation as invalid. The final decision is unquestionable.

h) Each activator will receive a customized and detailed Certificate of Attendance after the validation process.

i) The final courtesy of a QSO is the QSL. The Award Manager strongly recommends all the activators to confirm their QSOs with a QSL via bureau or electronic devices, or specifying the preferred method of QSLing on QRZ.com. More than one QSO report in a single QSL is allowed.

Giacomo - IU1LBK - Award Manager

WAIL - Worked All Italian Lighthouses
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